Grounding & AC Lines Filter

BROADCAST AND SOME SERIOUS HAMs design their station which include provisions to keep the station on the air even during lightning storms so some station are design 24x7x365 even in the face of lightning. You may spend a thousand of Dollars on your tower, antenna and your rigs but don’t forget to put a side some $$$ for your earthing system get some advice from a good electrician or engineer……

My Advice is get 2 nos of 6′ copper rod use at least 4mm2 electrical cable the bigger the better I used 6mm2 PVC cable and go through the brick wall and into my shack. The most important things is the cable connection at the ground rod if you just connect it by using the clamp supplied I would tell you that kind of joints cannot last long…it will oxidize. The best method is using exotomic weld which most of us cannot afford it. Second method is by drilling a hole and using stainless steel bolts and nuts. Third method using stainless steel hose clamp and clamp the cable using the Hose Clamp. And after you have finished it don’t forget to used High Tension Tape to cover the joints that you have done.

Source: by 9M2AU date 5 May 2008